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The first time I saw Zwergpinschers was in Poznan (Poland) at Europe Championship in 2000. When I came back I started to search for information about this breed, though this breed was almost unknown in Lithuania at that time. I was suggested to ask in Moscow and soon I brought two Zwergpinscher puppies to Lithuania. It was male-dog SLAVJAN ANIMONCHIK from kennel SLAVJAN(KA) and bitch AVE CONCORDE ONA from kennel AVE CONCORDE. Later we had various familys of pedigree dogs from Italy, Izrael, Poland, Russia, Belorussia. Our bitches are paired only with dogs specially brought from abroad. During recent ten years our kennel ”Sympathy”  became the biggest kennel of Minaiture Pinschers in Lithuania.

Our kennel suggest you wonderful Zwergpinschers with pedigree documents. The puppies are sold after all the vaccination according their age. And of course, you will get all consultations you need.

Nykštukinių pinčerių veislynas "Simpatija", 2010  Facebook
Kennel "Simpatija" Zwergpinschers