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kennel "Simpatija"

Klaipeda, Lithuania

mobile: +370 699 15226

About Zwergpinscher

Our Zwergpinscher kennel "Simpatija" is situated in Lithuania. This breed is also known as Miniature Pinscher, Min Pin or Toy Pinscher (Zwergpinscher in German, Pinscher Nain in French). These dogs come from Germany where they were used for hunting rats. The breed was called Rehpinscher, because it resembled a deer (roe) (Reh in German) living in the forests of Germany. Zwergpinscher is a lively, happy and strong dog with a highly developed guarding instinct. These dogs are devoted to their masters and mitrust strangers. The miniature pinsher wonderfully adjusts his masters lifestyle. If the master is active-living, the pinscher will be a brilliant companion. Still Toy pinschers like to sleep and be lazy.The advantage of this breed is that the dogs shed very slightly and do not have the specific smell. The pinschers perfectly tolerate long trips by car. It is not true to think that pinschers are little, fragile, shivering dogs. On the contrary, they are brave, strong and elegant dogs with perfectly developed muscles.

 Zwergpinschers can be red or black-and-tan. Their height is 25-30 cm, and their weight is 4-6 kg. They should not resemble Russian Toys and other smooth-haired small dogs who are sometimes wrongly called Pinschers. Our kennel has wonderful puppies with pedigrees available which we offer to ship to show and pet homes worldwide.

Larisa Soponaru
Klaipeda, Lithuania

Nykštukinių pinčerių veislynas "Simpatija", 2010  Facebook
Kennel "Simpatija" Zwergpinschers